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In addition to its good location, Gent ICC also has many other services that are required for organising the perfect event; catering, audio-visual support, temporary staffing, and transport services are the primary services.

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The WE CARE team assists you from A tot Z


Gent ICC has an in-house operational team that is at your service. They are waiting to assist you as soon as you step into the Gent ICC buildings and will be your first point of contact for any questions you may have. Our operational team is also responsible for setting up the Gent ICC rooms to suit your needs (requested set-up) and will also provide any additional utilities you may need during trade fair activities. The team will also assist with the setup and teardown, etc. In short, it’s a team that personal works to make your event a success!


Gent ICC has its own professional catering servicein-house. Everything is always tailor-made based on the client’s briefing. Delicious,pure, and local: those are the core values of our in-housecaterer, Gourmet Invent. The Gourmet Invent catering business is able to link originality and local products to refinement and continuous innovation like no other. Tell them what your needs are for your reception, standingbuffet, or seated dinner, and they will design every element of the ‘FoodExperience’ together with you so as to create a harmonious whole. Every detail contributes to the success of the catering during your event at Gent ICC.


Gent ICC has been investing in permanent audio-visual infrastructure in its auditorium and meeting rooms since the summer of 2013. Together with our partner, PRG, the meeting rooms at Gent ICC are now equipped with a sound and video projection system as standard. Moreover, we have also installed mood lighting in the auditorium so that we can always create a personalised project for the client. If additional materials must still be rented, our partner, PRG, is an in-house supplier who can support you at all times. PRG also provides qualified staff support during your activities at Gent ICC.


Gent ICC has surrounded itself with strong servicepartners for the deployment of temporary staff.


Gent ICC works together with Groep Saelens to take your visitors to and from the Ghent public car parks, Ghent St. Peter train station, and Gent ICC. They are your transport solution for various events.

Would you like more information about Gent ICC’s ‘WE CARE’ services? Then don’t hesitate to contact one of our account managers!