Casino room



1.250 people

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Fairs, catering

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Casino room


The Casino room is specially equipped for all kinds of parties and parties. Dancers can let themselves go in the middle of the room entirely on an excellent dance floor in wood parquet. The large space (1492 m²) can be divided into two separate rooms by means of a sound-proof wall (the large Casino room: 900 m² and the small Casino room: 600 m²). In this way, both smaller rooms can perfectly serve smaller happenings, fairs, receptions or performances. The lighting and ventilation of the two rooms are of course separately adjustable and fully customizable to your needs.

The multi-functionality of the Casino room is extended by a few extras. The room has a large black box for a large stage, with behind it a comfortable backstage. In addition, the space is perfectly equipped with plumbing and showers, which offer real added value to this Casino room. Finally, there are various catering facilities in this ideal performance room, including a fixed bar and various tap installations.