Artevelde Forum



1200 people

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Fairs, catering

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The Arteveldeforum has a total area of 1600 m². You enter the room directly through the main entrance of the ground floor.

This entrance forum that you just walk in, is an immense space that can be perfectly dressed according to your wishes, eg with various chalets, waterfalls or stands. The open structure of the floors and the daylight that invades everywhere intensify the sense of space. With its stone floor this room is also very suitable for fairs, shows and large receptions.


TheaterU-ShapeClass roomSeated DinCocktailWalking D.Extra
8351.3001.150WiFi, daylight


The Artevelde Forum owes its prestigious name to the Ghent hero Jacob Van Artevelde. At the beginning of the thirteenth century, the French forbade Flanders to trade with England during the 100-year war. As a broker, but certainly as a cloth merchant, Van Artevelde went against that order. He resumed the wool trade with the English mainland and rescued the then Ghent trading economy. Jacob Van Artevelde was welcomed as a hero. Although not much has been written about the end of his life, Van Artevelde entered the history books as an extremely important man for Ghent’s history.