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944 people

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Plenary sessions – performances

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The Auditorium has 944 seats and each seat is equipped with a writing tablet to guarantee guests every comfort.

The sloping hall has a total surface of 1100 m2. It is an impressive space, beautiful in its simplicity, which can be used both partially and completely. This can be done for many different events: the hall is ideal for conferences, film, theater or product presentations, but also functions perfectly for concerts or musicals.

The room is therefore perfectly equipped for this diversity of events. First and foremost, the scene has a beautiful and authentic wooden parquet floor. This ensures that the acoustics in the room are perfect, so that both speaker and performer can deliver his speech or act in ideal conditions. In order to further improve each performance, all lighting and sound facilities are present in the impressive hall, as well as three interpreting rooms for simultaneous interpretation. In addition, there is a large white screen at the front of the auditorium that is suitable as a film or projection screen to support each act. The technical room is located at the back of the room.

Finally, there are special facilities for people with disabilities in the auditorium. One of the two entrances to the Auditorium is accessible to wheelchair users via an inclined plane. The first row of chairs in the room can also be removed to accommodate wheelchair users and their companions.


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