Baekeland room

Floor 2


300 people

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Seminars – Meetings

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The renovated Baekeland room is located on the second floor of the Ghent congress center. With its prestigious name, the room refers to the historical Ghent figure Leo Baekeland. The scientist, inventor and manufacturer Baekeland was a very versatile person who, besides being the discoverer of the legendary VELOX photo paper, is also the father of the bakelite, the first fully synthetic plastic. His versatility is clearly reflected in the Baekeland Hall, which can be divided into three separate rooms. With its 368 m², the space has a capacity of 300 people and the room is more than suitable as a meeting / breakout room.

It is very pleasant to meet in every room thanks to the abundance of daylight that colors the space and gives perspective. The large glass wall also offers a beautiful view over the Ghent Citadel Park. Of course, the rooms are also very suitable for lectures, explanations or lectures. The combination of the Baekeland room together with other accommodation facilities also offers many possibilities.


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