Amount of contribution to the environment

By determing to what extent you want to imply the green aspect into your event, you can define how “energy-friendly” your business is.

Set up a clear plan

While organizing an event, set up a clear plan. Not only to save valuable time, but also valuable energy.

Exchange continuously information with each other

Exchange as much information as possible with each other. Only by interacting with each other, both parties can create the best and most unique event.

Scan your documents

Scan all your documents instead of printing and classifying everything. Save paper and more space in your workspace.

GREEN cooking

To convince your visitors of your environmentally friendly approach you can apply a "green cuisine". Use all green nutritionals and thereby awaken the interest of your visitors. In cooperation with our professional catering companies, we provide a culinary highlight for your event. It is also essential to take into account the surplus of food. Discuss on time and as completely as possible the number of visitors who will attend your event.

Encourage sponsors to go GREEN

Encourage your sponsors to contribute to a green event and let them be a part of the organization (banners, ...).

Place documentation on USB flash drives

Place all your documentation on USB flash drives instead of paper documentation. In addition, USB flash drives can be reused and can also serve as a reminder of your event.

Motivate speakers to project their information digitally

Motivate your speakers to project their information digitally on a screen instead of handing out their information on paper.

Carpooling or shuttle bus

Provide a shuttle bus or carpooling for your guests or visitors to transport them to the location. Hereby you can motivate your visitors to come to the event on a energy-friendly way. Therefore you contribute for a reduction of CO2 emissions.

Free guarded bicycle parking

Provide a free guarded bicycle parking for visitors to motivate them to come to the location on a sporty and green way.

Provide electronic barcodes for the registration

Provide electronic barcodes for the registration of your event. Therefore you can reduce the waste of your valuable paper.

Use social media and online networking as invitation

Last year the use of social media and online networking increased significantly. Insert this communication tool to inform and invite all your guests to your event.

Use digital business cards

To reduce the paper consumption of your event, you can invoke digital business cards. Not only will you save more promotional budget, but in no time you can exchange data with many fellow colleagues and guests.

Hand out energy-friendly gifts

To extend the green aspect during your event, you can thanks your visitors by handing out energy-friendly gifts.

Work with local suppliers

To reduce CO2 emissions of your event it’s advisable to work with local suppliers. This will help for a reduction of CO2 emissions for the relocation of the suppliers and to work with other businesses around you for the realization of events.